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We, Kim Ngan Trading & Transport (KNTT) is a wholly Vietnamese-owned and operated company that seeks to provide landscape gardening and lifestyle solutions. We aim to provide high quality products and friendly customer service. We continually aspire to deliver value to our customers. We are constantly seeking to fulfill the demands and needs of our customers. We design and manufacture all our own products. We also customise orders upon request. We have a timber mill in Vietnam which provide hardwood timber for the interior and international market. All our hardwood timber products are sourced from well-managed forests.

Product 1. Pallet lumbers:
AD Acacia: 190 usd/m3 FOB Haiphong, Vietnam (VN)
AD S2S Acacia: 210 usd/m3 FOB Haiphong, Vietnam (VN)

Product 2. Flooring:
KD S4S Acacia: 530usd/m3 and 550usd/m3 FOB Haiphong, Vietnam for 20x110/130x480,630,780,930,1080,1230,1530mm.

Product 3. Acacia wood chips:
145usd/ton FOB Haiphong, Vietnam. We can supply 20,000 ton/month

Product 4. Pellet:
1. Specifications:
Moisture: ≤ 10%; Ash: ≤ 2%; Impurities: ≤ 0.5%; Calorific: 4200 - 4700 cal/g; Diameter: 8mm; Length: 10mm - 30mm

2. Inspection of goods at the port:
Vinacontrol Vietnam

3. Quantity:
Total: 1,000 ton/month
Price: FOB Vietnam 170usd/ton

Product 5. Hardwood Garden Stakes:
Sizes and Packs:
12mm x 12mm, Pack of 10:600mm 900mm 1200mm, 420usd/m3 FOB
17mm x 17mm, Pack of 10:1200mm, 420usd/m3 FOB
19mm x 19mm, Pack of 10:900mm1200mm1500mm1800mm, 420usd/m3 FOB
25mm x 25mm, Pack of 6:900mm 1200mm 1500mm 1800mm 2100mm, 420usd/m3 FOB
38mm x 38mm, 1 unit:1200mm 1500mm 1800mm 2100mm, 380usd/m3 FOB
50mm x 50mm:300mm, Pack of 6450mm 600mm 900mm 1500mm 1 unit 1800mm 2100mm, 380usd/m3 FOB
50mm x 25mm, Pack of 10:300mm 450mm 600mm 380usd/m3 FOB
Hardwood Round Stakes: Diameter 30mm x 1200mm
Pack of 10 370usd/m3 FOB
Collared Pegs:50mm x 50mm
Pack of 6450mm: 736usd/m3 FOB
600mm: 657usd/m3 FOB
750mm: 609usd/m3 FOB


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